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Tairāwhiti Tech
Talent Incubator

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A passion project started October 2020 with the objective of moving the Tairāwhiti community from low paying employment into the information technology (IT) industry (high valued, future ready employment).

A pilot Tech talent incubator programme was developed, with a  particular focus on Maori which had the audacious goal of:


"Building a local Tairāwhiti Tech-workforce where people from our community are trained, employed and developed in our region" Phil Kupenga 

The programme consists of the following:

  • If selected Tairāwhiti locals will do the online Enspiral Dev Academy 15-week boot camp course.

  • We provided all candidates with laptops, screens and computer accessories if needed

  • Candidates are provided a remote dedicated tutor for the region

  • They sit within the Tāiki E Impact house in Gisborne where the candidates can work together in one venue, have access to internet and sit in a tikanga Māori based environment

  • In Taiki E we provide a dedicated support person

  • On completion of the course, we are looking to get students into employment locally (pathway to employment model).

Power of the Collective

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Dev Academy Aotearoa trains Tairāwhiti locals on a 15 week online intensive boot camp to become Full stack web developers.

taiki e IMG_0839.JPG

Taiki E Impact House provides a venue & a kaupapa Maori environment for students to work out of. The Taiki E whanau support the students to succeed and pass the course. 


Tairāwhiti Context


Problem - Maori in Poverty

  • A Primary industry region with Est pop of 50 000 where Maori makeup 53%

  • Majority of Maori live in poverty areas (Decile 8 to 10) & make up 77% of the regions welfare spend

  • Maori make on average 55K which is less than the National medium average of 60K

  • Highest youth population (19 000) of youth from 15 to 24 years, have 1400 youth Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)


Tairāwhiti Tech Talent Incubator programme was developed to build the community's advanced digital literacy and get them into high valued employment in IT, with the goal of getting our community, out of financial POVERTY.


Meet our Tech Graduates

Pavaris Kakanat.jpg

Pavaris Kakanat

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Full Stack Web Developer working for ARUP

Andrew Puia.jpg

Andrew Puia

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Full Stack Web Developer worked for Maanaki Tairāwhiti

Terry Jo Blyth.jpg

Terry Jo Blyth

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Full Stack Web Developer working for Toro Technology

Ricky Peipi.jpg

Ricky Peipi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

IT Support

Hauora Tairāwhiti

Vikrant Mills.jpg

Vikrant Mills

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Intern Software Developer

working for Snapper Wellington

Daniel Guyton.jpg

Daniel Guyton

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Graduate Developer working for

HazardCo Wellington

Sylvie Taylor_edited.png

Sylvie Taylor

Graduated from Dev Academy Aotearoa course 2022

Employer Network

Hauora Tairawhiti.PNG
Maanaki Tairawhiti.PNG
TORO tech.jfif

Plan Moving Forward
2022 onwards

Tech Roadmap.tif

Keep Building on pipeline (More Graduates)

Build our Employer & Training Partner Network

Work on a Remote Internship

Look to develop tech talent to a Intermediate and or Senior level

If this is your VIBE then we
are your

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